What Benefits Can You Get From A Home Health Care Agency

On the off chance that you are administering to your adored one either therapeutically or even non-restoratively, it could be the ideal opportunity for you to look for the help from an organization that gives home human services. Despite the fact that you have goals to be the sole look after your cherished one, this could end up being entirely troublesome, yet meanwhile, the last choice is placing them in a home. Realize that you’re not the only one as to this issue so you do have alternatives for your darling, with one of them being help with a home medicinal services office.

With the assistance of a home human services organization, a combination of help can be acquired to both you and your relative. You’ll have the capacity to increase back opportunity and time, while empowered in the way that your cherished one gets the absolute best care likely. Instead of expecting to drive your adored one to their numerous arrangements, these sorts of administrations are given to you in your home. On the off chance that you are not sure that a home human services office will have the capacity to help you and in addition your adored one, here is a thought of the help loads of organizations make accessible.

To start, an organization will help with different sorts of treatments. This incorporates things, for example, physiotherapy, respiratory treatment, and in addition word related treatment. These sorts of treatments make it so your relative can push forward with their lives, living wonderfully, regardless of how old they are. You may require help with your youth, companion, mother or father, kin, et cetera, however paying little heed to age, home social insurance offices can offer assistance.

Next, they likewise give a determination of different administrations, for example, helping with individual needs, for example, washing, eating, having your cherished one to arrangements, and in addition simply getting them out of the house. Notwithstanding individual care benefits a perfect office will even offer patients both live-in care and break mind. On the off chance that you require these administrations for only a solitary hour a day or each day of the week for twenty-four hours, they can meet your necessities. Medicinal services experts are accessible to help with a wide range of undertakings including things like clothing, keeping the patients room kept up, keeping an eye settled on their eating routine arrangement, furthermore running errands. A perfect organization will have the capacity to give these things.

As a rule, regardless of what requirements of you and your relative, a home wellbeing organization will help to restore personal satisfaction, for an advantageous cost. They’ll take a gander at all your necessities to build up an arrangement that’ll be done by exceedingly talented and able specialists. Whether you need assistance while you are grinding away, or need to appreciate a family excursion, you’ll have this opportunity once more. The administrations gave by an organization won’t simply permit you more flexibility, yet will likewise offer more solace and self-regard for your relative. The administrations that an office gives will cause and work to everybody in the familyHealth Fitness Articles, paying little respect to the need.

Health Care At Home

As it is said home is the best place on the grounds that the nearness of family and shut ones, sincerely reinforce the patient to recoup soon and enhance the personal satisfaction both for the patients and family. Medicinal services at homeis a financially savvy way getting social insurance benefits at home. The organizations giving such social insurance at home have authorized rehearsed specialists, medical caretakers and other prepared proficient individuals to give you the right treatment at your home itself. A wide assortment of social insurance administrations are given by these medicinal services organizations running from routine checkups to preventive care. This type of treatment is substantially more advantageous, less costly and more viable.

The administrations covers all kind medicinal services benefits, the home social insurance experts incorporates versatile finding testing and physical examinations. Progressing medicines incorporate treatment for lung malady, coronary illness, joint pain, osteoporosis and diabetes medications. The development of innovation has helped these social insurance doctors to perform different medicines at home. They likewise direct the patients for medicine administration and active recuperations. The social insurance at home gives quality treatment at home making the patients feel sheltered and agreeable. The vast majority of the medicinal services administrations give experts called Personal Care Assistants, who are prepared to treat patients in an amicable manner.

One of the exceedingly legitimate social insurance companiesin India is the HEALTH CARE AT HOME which gives superb clinical care to the patients at an exceptionally reasonable cost. It gives an inconceivable number of administrations like home sustenance benefit, ICU at home, Physiotherapy administrations, Pulmonology administrations, cardiovascular administrations, authority administrations, post surgical administrations and some more. The organizations of medicinal services at home contains joined physical advisersComputer Technology Articles, restorative orderlies and helpful experts and so on. A human services organization incorporates orderlies who have full data about the patient’s eating regimen and his wellbeing. Home human services is one of the most ideal approaches to medicinally treat your friends and family by keeping them at your home itself. Human services administrations are most valuable for the elderly individuals as they being old are not ready to conform in the earth of the healing centers. They like to get treated at their home itself by remaining shut with their friends and family.

Human services at home is a standout amongst the most helpful and least demanding routes for treatment at the solace of home. A few advantages incorporate an indistinguishable innovation from in clinics thus the patients get similar treatment with no healing center excursion. The expanding interest of social insurance at home administrations is developing at a fast rate in India. What’s more, soon there will come a period when social insurance administrations will be favored more in contrast with the healing center administrations.

Perks of Being A Home Health Care Nurse

The occupation of a home health care nurse, as with any caregiver or nursing job, takes hard work, a serving personality, and an interest in the medical field. In home nurses require extremely meticulous individuals because they often do not have a nearby nurse or doctor to secondarily monitor work and given therapies. However, the end result of working in the home health care business is extremely rewarding!

Helping Individuals

The ability to help others inside of the comfort of their own homes provides a unique experience for home care nurses, therapists, and caregivers. It is much easier to build relationships with individuals when a nurse is giving medical care within that very patient’s home. It allows patients to open up in greater detail about their lives and share stories about the many items, photos, and memories that took place inside of their house.

The one on one care a patient receives in a home care environment often allows greater individual attention. There are not the same distractions of a hospital room or additional patients. A home care nurse is able to give 100% of their attention to a single patient and their personalized treatment and care.

Home nursing care is also rewarding because the nurse is giving a patient the chance to no longer feel like a burden to their families. Instead of an individual relying on friends and family for groceries, drives to the doctor, or meal preparation, the home care nurse can take care of these items. Even when family and friends are more than willing to offer their care, it gives the patient a sense of freedom when they feel like they are no longer relying on the goodwill of other people.

Helping Families

The same way that an individual feels guilty about requiring constant care and maintenance from surrounding friends and family, the same sense of guilt can occur within family caretakers as well. A home health care nurse allows families to have free time away from the guilt and stress of constant care. Many friends or family may even feel guilty about wanting extra free time and therefore do not ask.

However, it does not always have to be this way. By hiring an in home nurse, the patient is not only receiving attentive, quality care, but families can rest at peace knowing their loved one is being properly and attentively cared for. It decreases the stress load of daily drives to therapy or the doctor by hiring an in home nurse. Almost all medical treatments can be completed at home, instead of driving to therapy or a doctor’s office.

For family members, it can be quite a stressful ordeal learning about various medical machinery and medical care, always wondering if care and maintenance is being administered properly. However, home nursing care individuals have the knowledge, experience, and medical background to confidently maintain medical devices. The family no longer has to feel completely responsible for every single aspect of medical care. Thus, it decreases the stress load and allows friends and family to focus on the more important things, like looking at old photographs together, playing cards, or other forms of bonding.

Why Home Health Care Is Important

Home social insurance is turning out to be extremely basic these days. Individuals are looking towards it with expanded interest in light of the different advantages that it offers. The most essential advantage of home consideration is that it spares healing facility costs, particularly when treatment is required for drawn out stretches of time, or when a patient is recuperating from a particular surgery or ailment. Numerous patients incline toward staying in their own particular homes rather than staying in the healing center.

There are numerous reasons that make it a perfect circumstance for some families. Here are only a couple.

Protection and Comfort

Home consideration suppliers furnish patients with a well known, home encompassing in which they are agreeable. They are encompassed by their family and friends and family, and it gives them the adaptability to do whatever they need at whatever point they need. With such security and included advantages, home consideration is unquestionably a favored decision of treatment and recuperation.

Shorter Recovery Time

Thinks about have shown that patients who can recuperate and rest at home will probably mend quicker than the individuals who are hospitalized. This is an imperative sign of how advantageous in home consideration can be.

Lower Cost

Home social insurance is much less expensive than the consideration you get at the clinic. Subsequently, if a patient needs to get long haul mind or experience a directed recuperation period, then it is best to look for home human services administrations.

Diminished Hospitalizations

With home recuperations, there is to a lesser extent a requirement for normal, constant visits to the clinic or the crisis room. The attendants and advisors accessible use top restorative hardware and gadgets utilized for routine doctor’s facility visits.

Arrangement of Care

Home human services suppliers more often than not work with authorized doctors to ensure that they can give the most noteworthy nature of administrations. They additionally make legitimate reports of the patient’s recuperation and treatment.

In this manner, there is an altered convention that is taken after, which guarantees the arrangement of positive and awesome treatment.

Required Therapies and Assistance

With in home care, the craved and required treatments and help with regular family exercises is given to guarantee that there is no additional weight on the patient.

The motivation behind why home social insurance is so imperative is that it gives patients the advantage of staying at home while looking for treatment. With appropriate consideration at home, patients have a possibility of recouping in excess of anyone’s imagination, and much quicker, instead of healing facility care. Patients are likewise substantially more agreeable as they are permitted the chance get the opportunity to invest more energy with family and companions.

With the relentless ascent of the gen X-er era, and the late changes in social insurance, home medicinal services has ascended in fame. The evaluating is fair, and the measure of anxiety connected with in home care and nursing is to a great degree reduced.

Home Health Care Insurance

There are various insurance policies that help pay for or totally cover the costs of home health care. Consumers are reminded to be very cautious when shopping, comparing and buying home health care insurance policies because coverage is often limited. Considering the limitations and loopholes that home health care insurance has, they may be more expensive than other insurance policies. Home health care may only be accounted for by comprehensive insurance policies with pay benefits for nursing homes, assisted living communities, and adult day care.

Types of Home Health Care Insurance

The different types of home health care insurance depend on each policy’s extent of coverage when paying for home health care services. Private insurance usually only pays for part of the home health care costs which include personal and hospice care. Managed care insurance plans may offer some help with home health care costs if the home health care provider is Medicare-certified, these plans also require hefty premiums.

There are also existing home care policies which actually pays for the excess amounts that your original insurance policy does not cover. These supplemental insurance policies cover additional payments on home medical equipment as well. Long-term care insurance cover most medical and nursing services including licensed home health care costs. They may even include personal care as well as services incurred for the upkeep and maintenance of the policyholder’s home. Long term care insurance is paid for in monthly installments based on the individual’s age and health conditions. Many times, the benefits may only be reaped after a pre-defined waiting period, or when the insurance company decides the financial assistance is actually necessary.

Originally, long term care insurance policies were intended to pay for a lengthy stay in a nursing home, yet because of the public demand and preference for home health care, a lot of long term care insurance policies now cover in-home services which may vary greatly according to plans. Considerations regarding pre-existing health conditions and prior hospitalizations usually limit the coverage of these insurance policies.

Is Home Health Care For You?

To find out if the disabled person a disabled person is in need of home health care assistance, you should seek the advice of a physician. Be sure to find out the patient you are considering requires professional home health care or home care services.

Professional home health care services givers include the medial aspect such as nurses, therapists, home health care assistants, and other licensed and certified medical caregivers. They are present to administer skilled care to the patient.

Home care services are provided to those who need assistance with tasks such as house cleaning, running errands, cooking, and just being around to assist if the patient needs other tasks such as these performed.

Social workers also play a part in home health care. They can provide counseling for emotional and social problems that the patient may be experiencing. They will direct those who need it to community resources which are available to them. They have various other services to offer as well.

Companions are another part of the care giving team. They are the ones who provide companionship to people who can not stay by themselves. If a disabled person stays by their self having a companion there to assist them can help if an emergency situation should occur.

To be assured that you have the best quality home health care for your disabled family member speak with others who are having or have had the same experience as you are going through.

Make sure that the home health caregiver that you request is experienced in care giving. The caregiver’s supervisor should manage the care provided to make sure the patient is receiving quality health care.

Whether you are hiring a home health care provider on your own or through an agency be sure to conduct an interview. Go over the needs of the patient and make sure the caregiver is capable of providing the type care that the patient needs. Advise the caregiver on medications, physical and mental problems that the patient may have, and how to deal with them. Make sure they know where everything is situated in the house which pertains to patient care. It will help in case of an emergency.

The payment for home health care services may be paid by the patient or some such as a family member. Medicare, under certain guidelines, will pay for skilled caregivers. There are others such as Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and Social Services have programs which assist qualified patients. There are various other payers such as private insurances and more.

If the cause of illness is a work related incident workers compensation could pay for the home health care needed. In any case, the actual cost of home health care depends on which state the patient resides in.

Footing the Bill for Home Health Care – Paying to Keep the Elderly in Their Homes

When you find ways of footing the bill for home health care, it allows your family to stay closer together. It also allows seniors to keep a little bit of their independence and dignity.

We should be proud to look after the elderly. These are people who took exceptional care of us, and now need our support to stay in the comfort of their own homes. They worked hard throughout their life, most raised families of their own, and helped their children to become successful adults. Now, many cannot manage to do the physical or mental tasks that they used to do, but all they need is a little assistance from us.

Instead of going to an assisted living facility, some people today are choosing to stay in their homes. But to do this, most will need financial assistance to help pay their bills.

Paying for home health care allows senior citizens to remain in their homes. In most cases, it costs less than assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The most noteworthy aspect of seniors remaining at home is that they are close to those who love them the most, and they remain in familiar surroundings.

Footing the Bill for Home Health Care – Paying to Keep the Elderly in Their Homes

The biggest question is: how is it possible to pay to keep the elderly in their homes, or in the homes of their children? Here are some workable solutions:

• Life Insurance – There are many life insurance policies that can be converted into home care payments. This allows seniors a way of retrieving some of that money they have been paying all of those years. This applies to Term, Whole, Group, and Universal Life Insurance.

This is possible through Life Care Funding. It is available in all 50 states, and if your loved one qualifies, it can begin paying for home care immediately. In addition, there is a percentage set aside to pay for funeral costs, and if there is any money remaining, it will go to the beneficiaries.

• Medicare and Medicaid – Medicare and Medicaid help needy seniors to pay for some of their home care expenses. The U.S. government has rules and guidelines to see if your loved one qualifies. Check their websites for more information.

• Health Insurance – It might be possible that there are clauses in your loved one’s current health insurance policy that pays for some home care. Have a close look at their policy, and you can also contact their insurance agent or the insurance company for more details.

• Family Members – If immediate members of your family work together, you might be able to collect enough money on a monthly basis to help out. Home care can be expensive, but every little bit helps.

Footing the Bill for Home Health Care – Conclusion

Footing the bill for home health care can be a matter of using the resources that are currently available through the state and federal government, insurance policies, or through your immediate family. The fact is that it is cheaper to keep your senior loved ones at home than it is to place them in other facilities.

Weight Loss for Women: Ladies, Can We Talk?

As of late, as I began to take care of diagrams of customers from years back to make space for more present customers, I began to experience a number of those old outlines, giving careful consideration to the keep going line on the survey we have everybody round out when they touch base for the meeting: Please give three reasons, all together of significance, why you need to get in shape. It was an eye-opener for three reasons:

Answers were regularly altogether different by sexual orientation.

It was astounding what number of customers did not list “wellbeing” as need #1.

The reactions haven’t changed throughout the decades!

Today, I need to address a significant number of these reactions from females. On the off chance that you are an overweight or hefty lady, check whether maybe any of these reactions given by our customers to that inquiry above applies to you. I’ve assembled them together by phases of life (single, wedded, grandparents).

I abhor going to get-togethers since I’m humiliated by my size; I think everybody is centered around me.

I loathe going shopping since I can’t purchase what I’d like to wear; I can just purchase garments that cover my body.

I can’t appreciate winter sports as much as I used to: I used to love skiing and ice skating yet my weight makes me more shaky and less beyond any doubt of myself.

My weight restrains me with regards to dating.

I can’t appreciate summer exercises like I used to: I used to love trekking for miles, yet don’t any longer on the grounds that my feet hurt. I used to love to go water skiing, however can’t currently in view of weight-related knee and lower leg issues.

I used to love heading off to the shoreline, however now I decline to put on a swimming outfit.

The truth of the matter is that for some overweight and stout individuals (ladies and additionally men), as they get bigger, their reality does gets littler. Physically, they can’t partake in a hefty portion of the side interests and exercises that such a large number of other youngsters appreciate that draws them together. Inwardly, then, numerous overweight and corpulent youthful grown-ups get themselves all the more alone, with maybe similar companions who are as desolate and miserable with their weight and appearance as they may be.

I am getting hitched in a couple of months, and I need to be more beneficial before I begin a family.

My sister is extremely overweight and she had numerous barrenness issues before she was at long last ready to end up pregnant. I need to attempt to keep that.

I have PCOS (polycystic ovary disorder).

Weight is connected specifically to an expansion in barrenness as well as more pregnancy difficulties also, both as far as fetal improvement and conveying to term. The less instinctive fat a lady has, the more adjusted her hormones, the more noteworthy the possibility of an ideal hormonal environment with which to imagine and convey to full term without occurrence. Furthermore, for those with PCOS and who are additionally overweight and fat, getting pregnant is considerably more troublesome. There’s no cure for PCOS, however keeping up a thin, solid weight is critical.

My better half is as thin as the day I wedded him, and he troubles me about my weight.

I keep away from closeness with my significant other on the grounds that I know how he feels about my putting on such a great amount of weight amid our marriage.

I don’t rest soundly as the night progressed; I’ve begun to wheeze. It gets so terrible in some cases that my better half dozes in another room.

My wheezing came to the heart of the matter where the specialist let me know I needed to wear a CPAP. I detest it; it’s uncomfortable and ugly.

These are issues we hear a great deal and, when we do, we’ll request that the lady utilize a little transference, to turn the tables for a moment. In the event that she was as thin as she was on her big day, it would be on the grounds that she took pride in the way she looked and rehearsed a way of life that kept her fit as a fiddle. It may likewise be on account of she needed to keep up being appealing to her companion. Things being what they are, whether her significant other was no more the same thin man that she wedded, in the event that he didn’t dress as pleasantly as he used to and that pulled in her to him at first, on the off chance that he couldn’t be as physically dynamic as he might have been, and didn’t have the same energy or stamina in closeness as he used to in light of the fact that his over the top weight restrained him, or even kept him from being cozy, would she be cheerful?

In the event that you are an overweight or fat lady, put forth those same inquiries. In the event that your thin spouse or accomplice has voiced his sympathy toward your weight increase and wellbeing, this doesn’t imply that he doesn’t love you. It just means he wishes you would care more for yourself so you can associate with longer, thus you two can develop old together, getting a charge out of coexistence.

It’s not just for the support of a shared physical fascination that we as a whole ought to need to deal with ourselves for the term of our relational unions, additionally to keep up general great wellbeing for the length of our relational unions. With corpulence, comes therapeutic issues. With medicinal issues, comes impediments. Would you like to invest energy with your better half doing things… like voyaging, moving, going to shows, strolling in historical centers? Then again, do you need him to invest energy dealing with you, reminding you which solutions to take, and transporting you to and from regular checkups? Is that what you think he imagined on his big day? Isn’t that right?

I don’t permit anybody to take pictures of me; I abhor being in pictures.

I have youngsters who have critical dates coming up (junior and senior projects; secondary school graduation), and I need to be in the photographs.

This an exceptionally normal protest. Let’s be honest, catching critical minutes, for example, proms and graduations ought to be just about the occasions, and not about what we look like. Still, numerous ladies let us know they know the significance of these occasions in their children’s lives, and they need photographs to catch how they need to be recognized as their children get more seasoned and think back on those photos.

My weight keeps me from doing bunches of things with my grandchildren.

Will be a grandma in a couple of months, and I’d like to have the capacity to get on the floor to play with my grandchild.

I need to have the stamina and physical capacity to take the greater part of my grandchildren to DisneyWorld in two or three years.

Being a grandparent is about the spoiling and none of the rebuffing! It’s about having a great time and no obligation regarding tyke raising! You can be 60, 70, 80 and past, and in case you’re thin and sound, you may be a small piece slower in your progression, however you ought to have insignificant, assuming any, physical constraints in the matter of what you can do with your grandchildren. In case you’re overweight and stout, notwithstanding, it will restrain your alternatives: Will you have the capacity to go with your grandchildren? Will you have the capacity to take them to the recreation center and pursue them in the event that they make tracks in an opposite direction from you? Will you ready to run with them down the sliding lake?

It doesn’t make a difference how old you are, in case you’re overweight or hefty, enhanced vitality and sentiment health, fortified insusceptibility, honed mental center and upgraded portability are only a portion of the advantages of weight reduction for ‘prepared subjects’, and they are all justified regardless of the exertion. It’s never past the point where it is possible to get in shape and to give yourself the best quality years of “living” ahead.

I see my kids are beginning to put on weight now as well.

I need to set a case for my children; I need to figure out how to get ready more advantageous suppers.

With couple of special cases of stay-at-home fathers or fathers who simply love to cook, the mothers are the managers of the kitchen-looking for basic needs, get ready suppers and snacks. In view of this, in case you’re overweight or fat please stop and consider how your own particular weight influences your young youngsters. Adolescence heftiness is a result of grown-up conduct! Would you like to give them a lifetime fight with stoutness and all its participation physical, enthusiastic and social issues? What’s more, kindly don’t think more seasoned children, regardless of the fact that they’re thin, don’t endure also. They do. We hear over and over again from more seasoned high schoolers, school kids and more established wedded children, about how concerned they are for their mother’s or father’s wellbeing and life span. They adore you, and they need you to be around for the numerous points of reference in their lives that you’ll miss if your stoutness prompts your initial mortality.

Women, paying little respect to your age, unreasonable fat takes an uncommon toll:

Heftiness wreaks ruin on female hormones and sexuality, because of expanded testosterone levels and a more serious danger of PCOS (polycystic ovary disorder).

Weight builds a lady’s danger of creating bosom, colorectal, kidney and ovarian tumors; gallbladder sickness, elevated cholesterol, kidney malignancy, nonalcoholic greasy liver malady, osteoarthritis and sort 2 diabetes.

Weight builds the likelihood of wheezing, which expands the danger of obstructive rest apnea.

Harmony at Home – Crucial for Family Development

Agreement at home is an essential element if the individuals from the family wish its improvement aggregately and exclusively. On the off chance that the reason for the family is to recreate, raise, instruct, share and care the off springs, nothing of these could be effective on the off chance that it loses congruity inside. On the off chance that the home life is a beset or confounded one, in outcome the same would be reflected in the work he does. No self or family improvement is conceivable if there is disunity and disharmony at home. Agreement amongst father and mother, guardians and off springs and among kin ought to win in wealth for the improvement of the family.

Confusion or misconception, absence of correspondence, overlooking and carelessness of individual obligations towards each other, childishness, absence of persistence and absence of adoration are a portion of the foundations for the strife and disharmony at home. Everyone in the family ought to know about his or her obligations and duties towards the other. Indeed, even Little kids ought to be doled out a portion of the appropriate obligations of the family. Uses ought to accord to the income. What is normal from one ought not be past his ability. In male commanded social orders, endeavor to turn around the position from father to mother would bring about dissension and disharmony in the family.

At the point when there is no congruity in the family, regardless of the improvement, one can see the disintegration in the each part of the family. Incessant quarreling amongst a couple, impediment to kids’ training, scattered family circumstance, kids getting to be casualties of the awful society, getting dependent on medications and liquor by father and male offspring of the family, prostitution are a portion of the terrible results of the disunity and disharmony of the family.

At the point when spouse regard the privileges of wife and offspring of the family and when he comprehends and satisfies his obligations regarding them and when wife additionally does her part understanding and regarding privileges of others in the family, bliss starts to win. Kids will be cheerful and they will proceed with their instruction effectively and their future will be secured. At the point when there is peace in the family, they have great shot of doing their organizations and their occupations well and along these lines their incomes additionally will increment. At the point when the amicability wins in the family, the mental and physical soundness of the individuals from the family will get to be ideal. In this all in all, if a family wishes its advancement every one of the individuals ought to act in a way that safeguard the congruity and peace of it.

medical treatment

The provision of health care services is an important proviso in every society and the nation at large. It is against this background that every government in an attempt to safeguard the life of its citizenry ensures that health care services are readily available. What would become of a society or nation with a population of ill health? What becomes of the productive manpower?

There are dire consequences for a nation that relegates healthcare delivery to the background. Productivity is not only affected but such a society or nation stands a greater probability of extinction since mortality rate will increase astronomically.

The people of Afram Plains [an agrarian community] have not been left out of the share of this national cake-health care services. There are hospitals, clinics and CHPS compounds in almost every major town in this part of the countryside.

But what has become of the culture of healthcare delivery by healthcare professionals in these hospitals, clinics and CHPS compounds in Afram Plains? I have been propelled to write this article when I visited the Presbyterian health centre at Tease, the district capital of Afram Plains south constituency.

The fact is incontrovertible and I will not mince with words-the healthcare delivery system at Tease Presbyterian Health Centre is next to nothing, and nothing good to write home about. This is a health centre where human dignity has been rendered as absolute trash. Disrespect for clients has climbed onto a legendary status. I do not intend to, by this article mention any names but want to clearly state my position on the actions and inactions of healthcare professionals at this healthcare centre.

Oh but let me first ask “is healthcare delivery a right or privilege” Well your guess may be as good as mine. Don’t these healthcare workers know that “a sound mind lives in a healthy body”?

Let me quickly give you a routine about the wack health delivery system here. This is a true account of what I witnessed when I visited the healthcare centre.

“A parent brings in her sick child at about 10:06 am, pulse and temperature is checked within a matter of five minutes. The sick child is then taken to the lab for test. The laboratory technician after picking the blood sample leaves his post/room [with the lab office opened] only to return after an hour and thirty minutes to attend to a now queuing clients who have gone through the initial stages of pulse and temperature checks. [ Had the microscope been stolen after his return what would be his story to tell?] He then hands the lab report to the parent of the sick child thirty minutes after his return. This sick child is then taken to the consulting room to see the one and only supposed Doctor who reported to work at about 10:30 am. They spend about 10 minutes in the consulting room after which drugs were prescribed to be taken at the dispensary for a fee. At the dispensary again, another drama unfolds. The dispensary attendants are on break enjoying their meals to the full glare of clients. They therefore ask the parent of the sick child to wait patiently while they do justice to their food. And they spent well over 40 minutes on their meal.”

All these dramatic scenes are showcased at this health centre without any one to supervise what goes in and out of this health centre. Oh perhaps it’s for the government and we all know what government workers do at their places of work. I bet you can’t pretend you knoweth not.

Clearly give a picturesque view of the incident. Now assuming without admitting that this sick child is in an emergency and needs urgent medical treatment what would have become of the situation? For the child to die and cry foul afterwards. In fact, the welfare of clients is not at the heart of these so called health professionals. Another mind boggling drama I witnessed was how these officials were moving to and fro from one office to the other and discussing issues best known to them whilst clients were suffering in long queues in wait of treatment.

While I wouldn’t like to be seen as overly critical, it is equally important that some of these healthcare workers are cautioned with immediate effect to desist from their “I don’t care” attitude displayed at their place of work. The insatiable appetite by health care workers to humiliate and embarrass clients is something way out of health care practice.

It beats my wildest imagination why people dressed in white, green and white, brown etc. mandated to provided health care delivery to the people treat clients as if they are doing them a great service. Aren’t they paid for services they render?

The earlier an effortful attempt is geared towards redeeming the image of this healthcare centre, the better it would be for all of us. It has attracted a bad name for itself for far too long.